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10 Best Wedding Planners in Pune For Dream Wedding (2023)

by Kartik Bhateja
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Best Wedding Planners in Pune

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. To cherish this day with great joy and pleasure is a privilege not a lot of people have. However, for those who want to, we have something just perfect. Today we are going to take a look at the ten best wedding planners in Pune, 2023. Since weddings are given such immense importance in the Indian culture, a good wedding planner always comes in the clutch.

To ensure the lighting, decorations and events go just as planned, is a hectic task only a few can manage. This is why we are here with the best wedding planners in the city of Pune, to help you make this day rememberable. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Best Wedding Planners in Pune:

Urban events

Urban events - wedding planners in Pune

If you’re looking for one of the best wedding planners in the city, then we have just quite the name for you. Urban events is a wedding planner that has a combined 5 years of experience in this field. They boast a staggering 7 years of managerial experience from their individuals and offer the best services in class. To dive into the details, let us talk about what makes urban events different from others.

They claim to offer the best customization services in the industry. Since everyone has a preconceived notion about how their wedding is supposed to go, urban events make sure that they use that imagination and make it happen. Apart from that urban events offers competitive prices.

This is because their event planning services utilize the resources to an optimum level, making sure you have the perfect wedding day. Since a lot of people in India want to have a really celebratory wedding, urban events come in clutch with a not-so-hefty price tag for the same. Their specialized services include venue booking, field decor, hospitality, entertainment, catering, and even artist management.

Since food is a major aspect of Indian weddings, urban events make sure that your relatives have the meal of their lifetime. Everything is high quality from the decoration to the venue, but with a not-so-high price tag. This helps urban events stand out in the crowd, making your wedding day even more precious.

Address: Chhajed Glory, Shop no 1, Plot No 115 ground floor, near Axis Bank, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Phone: 073504 09292

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Event doors

Event doors

The next name on the list is event doors. Wedding planning is a hectic thing to take on. Even with all your said-so experience, the possibility of a wedding going according to the plan is low. This is where event door steps in. event doors claim themselves to be a one-stop destination for all your wedding-related problems. Since event doors have a wide network of vendors across the country, they can help you make your wedding a success. They claim to offer competitive prices in the market and can also help you connect with the best wedding photographers.

Since the taping of the entire event is a necessity in every wedding, event doors offer the best in class services for the same. Apart from that, event doors have a ton of clientele to prove their claims. Their gallery showcases a ton of successful and happy weddings. They dont just sell you a product or a service, they sell you an experience. Event doors are based in Pune but also offer event planning and management services across the nation.

If there is a wedding you need to plan and execute, then just contact event doors, and it’s theirs to take over. They treat customers like family and usually offer flexible pricing options. Since weddings can add a lot of financial pressure to the families, event doors offer great financing solutions as well. Overall, if you want the wedding to be personalized and heartfelt, then event doors are the Pune-based wedding planner we’d recommend.

Address: 1st floor Shree Renuka, Revenue Colony, Sinhgad Rd, near Sane Guruji Smarak, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Phone:080809 36285

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Lotus events and productions

Lotus events and productions - wedding planners in Pune

Lotus events are one f the best wedding planners in Pune. Founded in 2013, lotus events have a combined experience of almost a decade. That being said, lotus offers weddings of all kinds and scales. Having worked with every segment of the population, lotus events and production have expertise in the field. If you’re thinking of having a creative wedding, they are the planners you must contact.

Their management team has been able to pull off every event flawlessly, making them one of the most popular event planners in the city. Apart from that they understand the importance of wedding as an event in your life and hence offer a ton of great services. This includes venue booking, hospitality, artist management, and much more. No matter what your budget is they always have a fix up their sleeves.

Their management strategy is impeccable because of the network they have in the market. If you attend lotus events and production wedding, then you’re sure to be mesmerized by the decorations lighting, and the decorum of everything. Overall, they are one of the wedding planners we’d recommend in Pune.

Address: Mudra Commercials,Office No-9, Pune – Satara Rd, above PNG Jewellers, Pune, Maharashtra 411037

Phone: 089833 33389

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Shree events and decorators

Shree events and decorators

The next name on the list is also one of the most popular event planners in the city. Shree events and decorators have earned their name because of their interesting decorations and creativity in every event. They understand that every event is different and hence make sure that you get to experience the same in their setup. Their management is impeccable as they can deal with multiple fronts at the same time.

Shree events offer a ton of discounts as well, as they understand how much of a financial struggle a wedding can be. However, keeping that aside, their expertise lies in making the venue come alive. They use really interesting ideas from the families and also employ their own creativity in helping them come up with decoration ideas. This is very apparent from their testimonials gallery.

They have been in the wedding planning business for a long time and hence understand how important customer relations are. This is why they make sure that their hospitality is always a point. Also, they make sure to offer flexible rates as well, making them a very considerate event planner in the city. If you wish to make your wedding day rememberable, we highly urge you to visit their office.

Address: 530, Khadakmal Ali Rd, Ghorpade Peth, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra 411042

Phone: 099213 12727

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Panamera events and productions

Panamera events and productions - wedding planners in Pune

If you’re looking for the right blend of youth and experience, then Panamera is the event planner we’d recommend for your wedding. Panamera events and productions are one of the very few event management agencies in the city that has over a decade of experience. However, more importantly, they know the business inside out and hence can offer really competitive prices as well.

Since your wedding is a very important aspect of your life, Panamera events work day and night to make sure it’s a success. Their specialties include venue booking, event management, hospitality, artist management, and decorations. If you visit the testimonials section on their website, you will be able to witness a ton of great and creative decorations. They offer both outdoor and indoor weddings, which is what makes them stand out in the business.

They claim to have the widest variety of services and creative ideas for your wedding, which makes them instantly better than any other wedding planner out there. The founder and co-founder are really proud of the four verticals they have set up under Panamera events and p[roductions. This is why they boast a high-quality performance at your wedding.

Address: Nishigandh Bunglow, D/30, Lane Number 8, opp. Maharaja Complex, Paud Road, Indira Shankar Nagari, Kothrud, Pune, 411038

Phone: 083800 66719

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Event brigade

Event brigade

The next big name on the list is the event brigade. There’s no way we miss out on this name while talking about the best event planning services in Pune. Event brigade is an event management company that has young creative individuals that are perfect to make your wedding a success. Speaking of which, they have already completed over 150 projects in over 12 cities, making them an SME in the industry.

Their services include wedding planning, corporate events, and even get-togethers. Event brigade has a boatload of experience, which can contribute to the success story of your wedding. This does not mean that they offer a “no-hiccup” policy, but they make sure things go as smoothly as they can. Also, they offer artist management services, which means they will get the artists you want for your wedding. After all, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Overall, the event brigade is a talented group of people working day and night to get you the right prices and even better experiences.

Address: Star villa apartments, Off FC Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Phone: 085528 31191

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Magic world events

Magic world events - wedding planners in Pune

If you want to make your wedding event magical, then what better place to hit up, than magic world services. Magic world services are one of the best places to find the right services for your wedding. The founder of the company, Mr. Prasad Kulkarni has been a magician since he was seven years old, making the name of the company really apt for what it stands for.

Apart from that magic world events is one of the largest Pune-based event planning companies in the country. They have worked with several brands and corporates in organizing successful events. This is why we highly recommend you to try their wedding planning services. The joy of being a newlywed is partly because of all the attention you get on the wedding day. If you choose to go with magic world events, we’re sure you’ll cherish the day for a long time in your memories.

Address: Parinay mangal karyalaya, Sinhgad Rd, near Brahma Garden, beside Cotton king/IDEA Showroom, Manik Baug, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

Phone: 073047 00700

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Rasik events

Rasik events - wedding planners in Pune

If you’re looking for professional wedding planners in Pune, then you surely can’t miss out on rasik events. Rasik events are one of the most popular wedding planners in the city. This entirely owes to the fact that their hospitality is tough to beat. They dont treat customers like customers, but their own family and hence have a really good rapport in public. Not only are they really humble and polite, but they know what they are doing. Their wedding designs and decorations are really impeccable making them stand out in the industry.

Apart from that rasik events also specializes in artist management. Meaning if you want a popular artist to perform at your wedding and you have the budget for it, then you will get it. Overall, if you want to make your wedding a success and have people talk about how good it was, then rasik events are the way to go.

Address: Dhayreshwar temple, Bank Of India Colony, Panmala, Dattawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

Phone: 089998 08828

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Patankar events

Patankar events

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best wedding planners in Pune, then patankar events are the name that we just can’t miss out on. Patankar events specialize in life-size decor and impeccable management of ceremonies. They understand the importance of a good wedding in the Indian household and hence maintain all the formalities in the purest of fashion.

They are one of the best in class because of the creativity their team puts into your wedding. No two people are alike, so why should their weddings be. This is the motto that patankar events work on and hence can organize weddings that are different from the others they already have. Also, they offer a ton of customization in your wedding details, making them really solid in the business.

Address: Sumanwoods ville 23/A 2, Hingne Khurd, Pune, Maharashtra 411051

Phone: 077559 37777

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4 blocks events

4 blocks events - wedding planners in Pune

Last but not least, 4 block vents are one of the most professional wedding planners in the city. They have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes and hence know the market inside out. They offer really competitive prices for people wanting to conduct a mid-range wedding. Also, they specialize in artist management and decor. This makes them an overall package.

They know how backbreaking the process of wedding planning is. This is why they understand the important steps that they need to take to ensure that your wedding is a success. As soon as you employ their services, they relieve you of all your stresses. This is because they can perform at high proficiency even under extreme stress. However, they do ensure that your wedding goes as you imagined. This is why we highly recommend you to check out 4 blocks events and their pricing before you go to the local references.

Address: Ajmera Main Rd, Masulkar Colony, Ajmera Housing Society, Pimpri Colony, Pune, Maharashtra 411018

Phone: 088558 44448

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A wedding isnt just an event, it is an experience of a lifetime. This is the motto all the above-mentioned companies work on. They do not treat your wedding as just another project, but5 also get invested emotionally in the same. Since they understand the value Indian households have for a wedding, they can conquer all problems without nudging.

This is why they are the ten best wedding planners in Pune. If you’re in the city looking to organize a wedding, we urge you hit these wedding planners up. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!

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