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Top 10 Women Clothing Brands In India 2023

by Ashish Bansal
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Women Clothing Brands In India

Earlier people only depended on the basic necessities of lives like food, water, shelter, clothes to live. They didn’t have much time and knowledge as to what the latest fashion is or trend is.

But now, times have changed and evolved in such a way that clothes have become not just a necessity, but a status symbol.
With the changing fashion, clothes have also changed to a great extent.

There are many people who would always prefer branded clothes over local stuff and that is what makes the big brands even more popular.
Many players have come forward in this line of fashion and have changed the women fashion completely.

Not just domestic brands, but international brands are also wanting to invest in India more than ever as it is becoming quite the fashion freak.
What started as street markets, have now reached a level where you could buy anything and everything, with a whole range of apparels, accessories and other stuff.

Women, no doubt, have the most wide palette of wardrobe and far more number of choices than men. This is the reason, many clothing brands are present in India and elsewhere, dedicated only to the female fashion industry.

Hence, we have brought you a list of the most renowned and popular women clothing brands that prevail in India and reviewed them as well for your benefit.

Buying Guide 

While purchasing for your favourite clothes, offline or online, there are certain things you should keep in mind to engage in the best outfit for that special occasion or for everyday wear.
Always check the stitching material of the cloth, look at all the possible defects in the cloth, the price, the body type of the material, whether it is washable or not, the brand, patterns, size, colors etc.
Only when you are completely certain about these things and whether it suits your personality or not, then only you should opt for the cloth.

There are many patterns, sizes and colors out there, in every brand, in every store and it is up to you to select the best looking outfit for yourself.

Here is the list of the best women clothing brand available in India:


fab india

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FabIndia is one of the most famous and popular ethnic brands there is, in the whole country.
It was founded in the year 1960, by John Bissel and grew out to be a sensation among the people of India. There are number of stores present across different location of the country.

The brand is known for its huge collection of traditional and Indian wear, for women of all ages.
You will also find a whole section dedicated to western wear and another section which combines both the ethnic and the western touch to clothes.

The collection is very stylish and chic which has helped the brand gain the needed attention.
Not just apparels, you can also find some really cool and pretty handmade accessories in every store to remind you of the childhood and the traditions of our society.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of clothes while shopping, as they have made sure about this aspect in every inch of the material used.
The collection ranges to every price level so you can afford it easily.
It always tends to surprise its users with the wide range of collection they have to offer every season, coming up with new ideas every time to make sure, no customer goes empty handed.


biba women brand

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Biba is also a top contender in the women clothing list in India. It was founded in the year 1988 by Meena Bindra in the city of New Delhi and slowly became a really big name in women fashion.
It has a huge collection of ethnic and traditional wear ranging from the lowest of prices to the most expensive things you could imagine. You will find all kinds of apparels from stylish kurtas to suits to lehengas to Indo-western outfits for all ages, so you don’t go disappointed in any way.

All kinds of trendy and unique embroideries and designs have found their way onto the clothes of this brand. It also has a separate section for little girls and their outfits which are super cute and also look stylish at every occasion.

You will definitely go full on hands of clothes when shopping here, as the range is budget friendly and the collection is also trendy and smart which will bring out the inner fashionista in you.


aurelia women clothing brand

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Aurelia is a new brand that has gained a lot of popularity in the less time it has been into existence. The brand is again known for its ethnic and traditional clothes in women fashion industry. It is quite affordable in nature when it comes to the set prices of various apparels, making it popular among the ladies!

The brand has a wide collection of Kurtis, suits, other casual traditional wear that have been made with pure love and style for the new age of women who are ready to take on any challenge.
W and Aurelia, both are managed by a single group led by two brothers, OS Pasricha and AS Pasricha, who also happen to own the TCNS Clothing Co. Limited.

Aurelia was launched for the people who are not looking for expensive things to buy for their day to day clothing requirements and that are also stylish.

The brand is now operating in 200 plus stores across 70 plus cities all over the country.
You will be surprised to know that this Indian brand has also opened its first flagship outlet in Sri Lanka and is planning to go more global in the next few years.

It has basically designed its clothing line for the woman who wants a balanced fusion between the traditional and the western wear culture and has no problem in adjusting with the whims and fancies of their own minds.


madame women brand

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Madame was launched in the early 80’s under the Jain Amar Clothing Private Limited company. The brand became one of the most famous names in women western wear clothing in the whole country.

Originally the brand is based in the city of Ludhiana which is mainly targeted towards the younger generation of girls. One of the very first interstate store opened in Mumbai in the year 2002 when the company decided to introduce itself in to direct retailing.

There are more than 60 stores spread all across the country giving specialised services to all its customers. It has got a huge collection and choices available in the section of western, formal and casual wear clothing, with a variety of accessories to match with.

All of their clothing items are very stylish and gorgeous to look at and probably the reason they wanted to target the younger generation, because of their increased interest in such apparels.

All in all, it is quite popular in nature, but with the advent of numerous western wear brands coming into India, it is losing the original popularity, but is still thriving on its amazing collection of clothing.

W (W for Women)

madame women brand

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W is probably heard by each and every one of you somewhere, someplace, because of its immense popularity among the women folk in the recent times. You will find, the most interesting patterns and colors on the range of ethnic wear, found in its stores all over the country.

The brand is a division of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited, owned by two brothers, O S Pasricha and A S Pasricha and was introduced in the early 2000’s.
The brand is somewhat expensive when it comes to the collection, and that might create a diversion for some women, but if you are ready to spend a bit extra on your comfort and style, W is the brand you should be looking for.

You will find some very crazy and amazing styles and designs with minimal garnishing that caters to women of all ages.You will surely be confused as to what to buy and what not to, but you will never be bored by the look of its selection in clothing.

It is most famous for its Indian Contemporary wear, that is its speciality, and you will not come across any other brand with such distinctive and exclusive designed ethnic wear for women in all of India.

Global Desi

Global Desi women clothing brand

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Global Desi has emerged to be an eminent part of the fashion industry. It was found in the year 1995 by Anita Dongre, who is quite a famous designer of women’s’ fashion. The brand brings out the sexiest Indian and ethnic wear you can find in the market.

If you are into the bohemian style of clothing and look forward to it in fashion, Global Desi is just the right blend for you and your fashion choice.
You can find many lively and bubbly patterns and colors in the clothing line, presented by the brand to its customers and will definitely fall in love with it.

Not just the ethnic collection, you will also like the section of western wear they bring to the shore, which exudes freshness vivaciously.
You will find the best pick for every occasion and every event of your life with its huge set of choices. It is quite affordable in nature, where price has multiple ranges for everyone to buy.

Big Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is the brand ambassador of the brand, making it all the more popular. It is a good choice for women who are looking for something different, yet stylish for everyday wear or for any auspicious occasion in their lives.


and women clothing brand

Another Anita Dongre collection is presented by the brand name AND. It is quite a celebrated brand in India and people have reviewed positively towards it every time they have purchased something.

It caters to both men and women, but it has an exclusive selection of clothes for the women folk to help them select the best they can, and add them to their wardrobes.

The brand also works online, where you can pick any item of your like and buy it sitting at your homes or offices. The brand comes with a lovely set of collection with vibrant patterns and colors to engross the customers into buying them. You will find all kinds of western wear for all ages of people, and the women will definitely find the choices to be good with quality. It is very affordable for people who are wanting to get their merchandises here.

All in all, you will find all sizes for women here with trustworthy line of apparels for most occasions you can think about and wont regret visiting the store or stores spread across the entire country.


zara women clothing brand

Zara is probably the dearest western wear brand to any girl out there. Owning a Zara clothing is like a status symbol for many people out there, because of its immense fame and extravagant outlets. The brand was established in the year 1975 in Spain, but turned out to be a global brand once it started gaining popularity all across the globe.

In India also, you can find many outlets of this brand, dedicated to western wear for women. The top designers take part in presenting their collection at the store outlets all year long to continue maintaining the customer satisfaction.

You can even shop with your favourite brand online by visiting their official webpage.Though the brand caters to both men and women, it seems more prevalent towards the women folk in general.In India, it is quite famous for its female line of fashion available in all its stores.

The prices range from low to high, depending on the type of cloth and the designer whose collection you are picking from, but there are some very affordable items too in the list for everyone to enjoy. Many Indian celebrities can be seen sporting Zara accessories and clothing, that has also enabled more business to the brand.


There are huge number of fashion brands available in India from which you can buy the latest trend clothes and accessories.

But the above listed brands are the most exclusive works of women fashion, which you should definitely visit once.

Owning clothing items from these brands can be very rewarding because of two things.
One is, they are well known brands and therefore, you can show them off proudly to others.
Second is, that you don’t need to worry about the quality of the material with which they are made of.
All the big brands out there will never compromise with their quality so as to reach customer satisfaction.

With these thoughts, you can now go shopping.
And for such an activity, we have brought you the 8 best clothing brands for women in India, so that you can shop your hearts out.

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